Conservative Party (New York)


Are you a New Yorker who is fed up with the two-party system that is destroying your liberties?

Are you someone who cares about the big political issues, like freedom of speech and religion, a healthy and growing economy, gun rights, and national security?

Do you feel like the Republicans and the Democrats in the state work together at your expense, and are compromising away your future?

Are you finding it tougher to make a living due to high taxes, while watching the corruption in Albany grow each year?

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If so, then the Conservative Party (New York) is for you!

The Conservative Party USA believes in law and order, equality under law, economic opportunity, low taxes, and a colorblind society. Above all, the party stands for protecting the God-given freedoms guaranteed to all Americans under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Conservative Party also strongly believes in creating an environment that’s healthy and conducive to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Good, high paying, and secure jobs come from companies that are encouraged to make profits, not chased out of the state by taxes and overregulation.

Take a look at our Issues page for more information on our positions!

Our party is just launching in New York. We host outstanding guest speakers, socials for members, meetups to discuss the issues of the day that matter most to New Yorkers.

If you are someone with a love of individual freedom, initiative, self-reliance, and the American spirit, please contact us through the form, linked here.

We hope to hear from you, and see you at our next event!

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